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Self Care Challenge

The 3-Day Challenge that will improve your health, increase your energy, and reduce stress! 

March 26 - 28

Jin Shin Jyutsu works from the inside out, balancing our whole selves at a deep level.


Imagine your life with...

  • Improved Health 

  • Increased Energy 

  • Reduced Stress

  • Increased Focus 

  • Boosted Immunity 



Self Care Challenge

After these three days, you will have an understanding of Jin Shin Jyutsu and practical applications you can do anywhere at any time to boost your well-being! 

"I have been going to Derenda for Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments since October 2019. We started in person and then switched to remote when COVID hit. It always amazes me how powerful these treatments are, both in-person AND remotely. They have helped me significantly by "smoothing out" my energy flow, and calming and relaxing me, which is exactly what I have needed for stress management. In fact, these treatments were especially supportive during the pandemic given the increased stress I was (and still sometimes) experiencing. We decided to add ACT codes along with Jin Shin as I have been wanting to change old patterns and she felt this approach would be beneficial. The 2 modalities work well together. I have definitely seen a shift since doing this work. We still have more work to do but what I can say is that I no longer have hot flashes and I have more control over some of my triggers! I highly recommend working with Derenda as she is knowledgeable, compassionate, and supportive."

Day 1 

Jin Shin Jyutsu - A look at your energetic body

Jin Shin Jyutsu and Emotional Attitudes 


Day 2

Day 3


Practical Help for every day harmonizing

When and where is the Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Care Challenge?

The challenge starts March 26 and continues for 3 days until March 28 at 11 am (CST)

The challenge will be hosted on Zoom and in the private Facebook group. Each video will be recorded and emailed after the session.

What exactly is Jin Shin Jyutsu?

Its philosophy is beautifully simple: our bodies can heal themselves when the mind, body, and soul are in harmony. JSJ works from the inside out, balancing our whole selves at a deep level. 

It harmonizes energy pathways and restores balance by using gentle touch on specific points of the body. It’s a gentle, non-invasive treatment that for many people creates a feeling of profound wellbeing.

I can't make it to the live sessions, will they be recorded? 

Yes, each challenge day will be recorded and posted in the facebook group after the call.  

You may still be wondering

Jin Shin Jyutsu will improve your health and change your life! Don't miss this 3-Day Challenge

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