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Summer 5-Day Detox

The VIP Deep Dive will consist of 3 group coaching sessions to guide you through the detox as well as give you personal time with me to answer any questions you may have during the detox.

Make the most out of your 5-Day Detox with the VIP Deep Dive

Set yourself up for success!

Deep Dive 1 - Aug 12th at 8:30am CST

This group coaching session happens before the detox begins. This is a great opportunity to ask all your questions and get a solid foundation. 

Keep going!

Deep Dive 2 - Aug 15th at 6:00pm CST

The first few days of the detox can be challenging. When day 2 ends we will come together for encouragement and I will answer any questions you have. 

Finish Strong! 

Deep Dive 3- Aug 17th at 6:00pm CST

At this point you are almost there! Only one day left. On the end of day 4 we will check back in and answer any questions you may have from the detox and talk about setting yourself up for after the Detox.

All 3 VIP Deep Dive Group coaching sessions for only  $49

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