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Before you go... want to stay in the game and nail this detox?

Explore additional workshops and sessions to make the most of your 5 days for an incredible value!

Deep Dive Workshop Bonuses

Deep Dive Workshop #1: How To Be A Meal Planning Pro

We will meet early on Saturday morning in a Zoom meeting, before the Detox starts, to plan meals and shopping in real time. I will walk you through the whole meal planning process, and give you some great guidelines on stocking your pantry that will benefit you far beyond the 5 Day Detox!

Deep Dive Workshop #2: How to Turn this Spring Detox Into A Springboard

We will dive into how to use the momentum you will be experiencing from these 5 days to create lasting habits that will keep you solidly on the path of your best health.

Deep Dive #3: Make It Last

This will be post Detox, after we finish and you are feeling fabulous! We will develop your action plan to avoid backsliding! In this workshop, I will walk you through identifying the changes you have made and want to keep, and how to do it.

These Deep Dive workshops will help you maximize the investment of your time and energy. My intention is to help you make true and lasting change, and I will share all of my best tips and knowledge, no holding back! These workshops are valued at $450, but you can have them for only $19, that is an incredible savings and value, just for you! (you will be saving more than that during the detox week!)


Or, go all in and set yourself up for long term success with the Deep Dive Workshop Bonuses + Post Detox 1:1 Strategy Session with Derenda

I believe the Deep Dive workshops are a tremendous value, both experientially and monetarily, but if you are someone who is truly serious about lasting change, and would love to have some one-on-one attention and help, I’ve got you covered. This bonus includes all three workshops and a personal one-on-one Post Detox Strategy session with me. We will go over a strategy plan specifically for you, and you will leave with three solid next steps in your journey to your best health, for only $99! This is an incredible value, and I have never offered it at this price before!


Due to the nature of this offer, I can only offer a limited number of these slots, so they will be first come first served, and when they are gone they are gone! If you want to take advantage of this offer, please act now!

Deep Dive Workshop Bonus                                                 $19

Deep Dive Workshops + 1:1 Strategy                             $99

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